With #3Boobs and a Bakula


Tune in and then tune out as super showfriends Chris Cummins and Matt “Gator” Jackson return to help make sure that Jeremy doesn’t pass out from his (legally prescribed) back pills before the end of the show, all while Jason — driven by an intense desire to possess sole control of the show — tries to stall with his wild attempt to re-create the legendary “Night Of A Thousand Sh—y Impressions” fiasco from last year. Please don’t stop reading, they also talk about this week’s biggest and weirdest news stories like:

  • A Total Recollection (eh?) of the Ballad of Jasmine Tridevil, the tripled boobed queen of the internets.
  • The amazing bendy iPhone that will ABSOLUTELY NOT be fixed if you microwave it.
  • Is Star Trek 3 a movie? Is it a magic dove? Is it a figment of our imaginations? Roberto Orci half explains.
  • We debate whether there is or isn’t precedent for an R rated Deadpool film.
  • F–kface Barbie
  • The righteous question to make either a real Wolverine statue or give homeless and hirsute people something to do all day in Edmonton.
  • DC Comics releases a Harley Quinn comic that smells like the pot and Jeremy smells the sweet scent of justice while reminding us all about his Booster Gold prognostications.
  • Bill and Ted’s Gnarly Mid-life Crisis featuring a Lake House reference that nobody will get.
  • All the pizza/some of the hamsters and burgers that taste like you on RadioBastard!

itsworkingRadioBastard: This is our (Demon in a) Bottle Episode.