Welcome To FebruMurray, Our Month-Long Celebration Of The Great Bill Murray

Murray 1Hello friends, if you’ve been a fan of this podcast over the years, you know that February is a special time when we celebrate our lord and savior, Bill Murray. It’s an annual tradition that we like to call FebruMurray, because the word February blends so nicely with Bill Murray’s last name and because Groundhog Day is in February, and because Monuments Men came out in February, and because back off, man,

In celebration of FebruMurray 2015, each episode of the podcast will be wrapped with Bill Murray affection, concluding in a bit of reflection on one classic Saturday Night Live Bill Murray sketch. Why SNL this year when we usually focus on Murray’s films or his work as an ambassador of fun? Because this is that iconic show’s 40th anniversary year, shut your face it’s still awesome, and because that’s what we wanted to do.

In addition to flying the FebruMurray flag during each episode of the podcast, we’re also going to attempt to highlight a Bill Murray SNL sketch here on the site for you to watch and enjoy. So do that…

Saturday Night Live – Chevy Chase & Bill Murray… by ClassicPL

To start things off, we’re giving you two sketches since I didn’t think to do the sketch posting thing until about 40 minutes ago and it’s the second day of the month. Both of these sketches feature Murray in song, and while that shouldn’t be a surprise considering the popularity of Murray’s Nick Winters character, the first one isn’t technically a lounge lizard sketch, but rather, a bit that paired Murray with Chevy Chase on the February 9, 1980 episode (above).

Chase was hosting for his second time since he bolted the show in the second season and reports about his behind-the-scenes scuffle with Bill Murray (who basically replaced him in the cast) had leaked out. Seeking to play with that, Chase and Murray staged a chummy medley of songs. It’s a fun moment, but if you ask me, Murray completely blows Chase off the stage.

The second clip is full Nick Winters, but it’s not from Murray’s heyday in the 70s. Tasked with kicking off the 25th Anniversary Celebration, Murray and Paul Schaffer teamed up for an awesome performance of Bruce Springsteen’s “Badlands” after Murray went through the crowd, teasing Drew Barrymore and some of the other luminaries in attendance. It’s a cool clip, but the story of why Murray wanted to sing “Badlands” is why I chose this clip.

From Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller’s Live From New York oral history:

There’s some lyric in “Badlands” that’s really appropriate for what we did, for what we’d done. It wasn’t “Born to Run” and just doing a classic song, which is what we always used to do; “Badlands” was more about what our experience had been. It was really about us. And Paul was like, “Badlands?” And when we started singing the song, his eyes lit up and he got it. He looked at me and he got it. Marilyn was still arguing and Paul said, “It’s going to be “Badlands”. – Bill Murray

Hopefully Lorne Michaels gives Bill Murray ten minutes, a microphone, and free reign once again when the show celebrates its 40th in two weeks.


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