‘Walking Dead’ Season 5 Trailer Released. Just Like…

We’re not going to bother with spoiler alerts since the fine people at AMC didn’t see fit to resist the urge to blow the doors off of a few things well in advance of season 5 of The Walking Dead.

In the trailer, which is obviously embedded above and hot and fresh from the bent utopia of SDCC, we see quite a bit of tension, some splosions, a guy who is about to hit Glenn with a cylindrical object (No, I don’t think this is Negan) and an odd and uneasy alliance between the Rickers and the Terminus gourmands. Personally, I would have been fine not knowing how Rick and the crew found a way to slide themselves off the dinner plate and out into the wild, but I suppose keeping that secret secret would have been a bit limiting as AMC endeavors to sell this show to its already rabid fanbase for the upcoming season, which debuts on October 12th. Which is BastardCats birthday, by the way.

Again, I don’t care about being a spoily-buttface (technical term) right now since the trailer gives this all away anyway, so I’ll also add that I’m shocked that they broker peace with the Terminus folks by selling them on Eugene’s DC/Cure tale. I suppose, however, that in the midst of that undead infused hellscape, you want to believe that something can bring it all to an end and fix the world and I hope that they play that angle up a little… the desperation of it all and why any ember of hope is better than nothing in the dark. Yeah, motherfucker, I got poetic on yo ass.

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