Versus Zombie Calisthenics, Dino-Whoopee, Walking Dead 100, Oh Yeah And San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us, but Jason and Jeremy don’t care, they’ve started their own con, and nobody else is invited (except for maybe Andy Dick) because it is taking place in their imaginations!

Also, in HEADLINES the guys discuss the newest Griswold, Walking Dead #100, a new Creepy movie, and the illustrated dinosaur kama sutra. Also on the show: frequent guest/loiterer Dev Richards, one of our roving SDCC reporters, stops by to tell us about running from hordes of zombies, undead cheaters, taking a cab while covered in fake blood, the psychology of Batman, and her restraining order worthy Seth Green fantasies. All of that and a shocking amount of adjectives ON The Bastardcast.