Versus Two Time Lords, A Batman and a Pizza Place


Gather round for the latest episode of The BastardCast! This time, Jeremy and Jason give you enough to eat at home (or wherever you listen to the show) as they discuss the heartwarming Batkid, the latest batch of mind-numbing Batman vs. Superman rumors (HEADLINE! Key Grip Says Ghost of Gorshin to Go Gonzo in Gotham!), and we dissect the Doctor Who prequel mini-sode and preview the 50th Anniversary Special.

Again with the begging for more? Fine, we also throw monkey crap at the worthless Wonder Twins rumor (Topher Grace as Grax!), ironically and sincerely discuss the Ghost TV-reboot, talk about the Walking Dead spin-off prequel and George Romero‘s brave decision to stay away from zombies because of their popularity (except for that comic that he’s doing.. and that game that he was in.. and.. and.. ).

Also, there is a button that will give you pizza on demand, a new set of pending regulations that will require porn-y horizontal mamboing to become a safety dance; complete with goggles, and we’re rappin bout the lord and the bible and the Noah movie. Diversity, wow!

All that and a death defying stunt involving groins on… The BastardCast!
jcvd_volvoThe BastardCast: a groin splitting good time for the whole family (ages 18 and up)