Versus TrailerGasm Bowl XLVIII, and the Quest for Ned Beatty #FebruMurray


The BastardCast, a podcast (how original). A program barely alive (that’s harsh). Gentlemen (and woman named Karen. Hi Karen), we can rebuild it. We have the technology (microphone, headset, glass of Scotch, and a growing collection of robot sidekicks) we have the capability to build the world’s first bionic podcast (more or less). The BastardCast will be that podcast (tada). Better than it was before (is that really a challenge?). Better, stronger, faster (Kanye?). On the show this time, Jeremy, Jason, and the ghost of the American dream (TOPICAL!) plunder forth to discuss…

  • SUPER BOWL HANGOVER MANIA! (Please stop shouting) We’re talking about the commercials and ALL the major trailers like Captain America: Low Winter Soldier, Transformers 4: The Wahlburgeriing, Need for Speed: Race Car Mouth Noises, Monuments Men (sink my teeth into Clooney’s stolen assifact), and the Amazing Spider-Man 2: Many Villains
  • Jesse Eisenberg’s fitness to play Lex Luthor and what kind of Bryan Cranston impression he will do.
  • Clark Gregg stabs geeks in the chest with his words.
  • Zac Efron to play chest waxed Wookie in Star Wars?
  • Jason knows the Rescue Rangers theme song and Jeremy knows about their secret origins.
  • Lego equality touches us all.
  • Hey kids, it’s February, which means that it is actually #FebruMURRAY, the one time each year where we celebrate Bill Murray (and also Brian Doyle Murray and 1980s baseball player Eddie Murray). Hold on to your butts.

All that and a Willow reenactment made entirely with life sized butter statues ON The BastardCast. scott-pilgrim-scott-pilgrim-vs-the-world-23337716-500-228 The BastardCast: el fuego is we.