Versus TitButt, Bill Murray and The Sex Lives Of Superheroes


This week, on the Bastardcast: The fellers put on their leathers, pick out a safety word, and invite Ms. Dev Richards onto the cast to examine the splendidly seedy questions swirling around the super secret sex lives of super heroes! Ever wonder how many fingerbang related injuries Wolverine causes per annum? ALL WILL BE REVEALED! How about Plastic Man’s bendy shame? ALL WILL BE REVEALED! And what about Hawkman and Hawkgirl, what are THEY doing?! ALL WILL BE REVEALED!

It isn’t just unicorns, candy corn, and handies though — this podcast is examining the possibility of a Bill Murray-less Ghostbusters 3, Doctor House building a new RoboCop in a dystopian Detroit (though, in fairness, modern day Detroit is pretty damn dystopian), Robert Kirkman’s amazing and astonishing zombie death mobile, the DC Comics/Catwoman ass-tit controversy, Jason vs. 30, and a tear filled Teddy Bear picnic. All that, and the dying star that is our respective careers, on this week’s Bastardcast.