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Live from the corner of sleep deprivation and poor impulse control, it’s The BastardCast, the #1 authority in unearned self-proclamations. This time on the show we’re serving up a well-spiced stew of humor, entertainment news, weirdness, food, heart and also #ClownPounding.

You want specifics? SPECIFICS! On this weeks show:

  • Jeremy has feelings about the possible Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot while Jason does his best impression of a puppet.
  • The press eats up the story of a man who has collected over 500 VHS copies of Speed (but has he ever watched it?) who thinks he can turn a van into a recreation of the bus from Speed via Kickstarter, but they completely ignore the sweat lodge that Jason made out of 378 copies of The Garbage Pail Kids movie.
  • The unholy trinity of bottom of the barrel movie ideas — Barbie, the It’s a Small World theme park ride, and Peeps. Can you say shared universe?
  • We’re both fan-casting and aspersion casting the new Flash Gordon movie.
  • Jeremy and Jason don’t really know how to talk about the latest Game of Thrones shocker.
  • #RinkDinks, penalty box glory holes, and a frank discussion on the growing flasher epidemic that is presently menacing the world of hockey.
  • Julia Louis Dreyfus gets the ol’ #ClownPound in the latest issue of GQ, sparking controversy because… more people want to see topless Louis CK? We’re not sure.
  • In Canada, there is a kindly group holding church services in a strip club. #NoSexInTheSacrementRoom
  • The latest #TimeChallenge and a special I-Team report on Booster Gold’s suspicious past success.

All that and the latest edition of #TacoTalk, featuring Pizza Cake, the return of the Double Down, fancy tacos, and the guide to better cheesecake shots!

PLUS, #TimeChallenge enters the final seed for the first round. Will you go Back to the Future or forward with alcoholism and questionable child endangerment?

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