Versus The LEGO Warriors of the Taco Robot Wars


Come with us now for an experience that will stress your senses and tickle your gag reflex AND your funny bone. The astounding, the horrifying, the morbidly obese, and infectiously clever — The BastardCast. We are thought stallions rolling across a docile plain, a dust cloud of airborne giggle bits trailing the swipe of our night black tails. You will suck the marrow from the bone of this podcast and it will fill you with justice, purpose, and also marrow. Which is so gross.

On the show this time:

  • International intrigue at the Olympics
  • Gotham casting that doesn’t suck (unless you think it does.)
  • The Ballad of Sexy Lexy (Luthor) and the Regrettable Tattoo
  • The Knight Rider we deserve
  • FireWHY? Producer teases fans with innocent thoughts about that thing that he loved that also you loved
  • Star Wars Clone War sale, everything must go!
  • Oh no! Jerry Seinfeld feels robbed. Get in line says people who watched Super Bowl Reunion special
  • Sharknado 2 casting, Jason reconsiders Shia’s apology, Jeremy has theories about McGruff, James Franco thinks he can decipher The Room, and the boys go beaver hunting with the techno-ghost of Johnny Depp on Trailergasm.

All that and the very last Taco Talk (for a couple of weeks. Maybe.) ON The BastardCast


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