Versus Superman, Magic Underwear, and Motha-Smurfin Jamie Foxx


This week on The Bastardcast, Jason and Jeremy talk about a nightmare Justice League cast, why Smurfs hate Jamie Foxx, why Guillermo del Toro (like many others) hates Michael Bay, why everybody hates Gwyneth Paltrow, and how a bunch of toys that were designed in 1979, might be the key to solving all the lingering questions from Prometheus.

Also on the show: The boys investigate what both G-Pal (we call her G-Pal now) and Iron Man smell like, what it would be like if Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced Kelly LeBrock in the Weird Science remake, how Porn Inspector would look on a resume, and why Patton Oswalt, the guy from Monk, and Superman are freaking awesome, and possibly the same person (bum! Bum!! BUM!!!).

If that gets your blood pumping, don’t miss Jeremy traumatizing his son, and Jason calling for hand job flavored cough medicine before raging about his uncapitalized upon rumble pack masturbatory aide invention and the magical vibrating underthings that are swooping in to capitalize on that market. ‘

All that and unicorn recipes that will make your head spin, on The Bastardcast.


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