Versus San Diego Comic-Con Coverage, The Preview

In this “Aren’t You Special” edition of The Bastardcast, also known as a Special Lil Bastardcast, Jeremy and Jason talk to the NerdBastards San Diego Comic Con team (Dev Richards and Steven Sautter) about what they’ll be covering for the site during the con, and what they are most excited about and most affraid of. Also, the boys have the Top 5 things That You Do Not Want to Do at Comic Con. So grab a shasta, put on some pants, and listen to this special San Diego Comic Con edition of The Bastardcast.

Programming Note: The next FULL edition of The Bastardcast will be up Friday this week, as we bring you our take on all the stuff going on at Comic Con and talk, live from San Diego, with Dev and Steven about what they’re seeing, and all the crimes against nature that they have committed to stay alive.