Versus Pauly Shore, Simon Pegg, Prometheus and More!

In the second episode of the resurrected Podcast, The Bastardcast, hosts jeremy r! hudson and Jason Tabrys take on the link between gaming and marital discontentedness, call bullshit on DC Comics’ likely pick as their new, prominent gay character, and weigh in on the horror of Pauly Shore and Andy Dick possibly working toward eye raping the world with another collaboration in Headlines. In the Gauntlet of Debateyness Jason can’t shut the hell up about the endless stream of trailers, featurettes, clips, one sheets, and promotional tie-ins that the studios drop on our heads, something he tries hard to avoid, while Jeremy happily cops to being a glutton for every little crumb. Also in the Gauntlet: The boys fight over the Soul of Explodey Films and discuss Sly Stallone, old time action heroes, the lack of solid roles for women, and the rise of comic book movies and their possible superiority over the action flicks Stallone is paying tribute to with Expendables 2. Jason also cries out for a sequel to Stop or My Mom Will Shoot and has an interesting idea on how to solve a problem like a dead Golden Girl. In the Peebody Award winning segment Dirty Nerdy Secrets, Jeremy admits to something horrifying that he used to do with his action figures, and Jason, yet again tells us something about his penis before sullying the image of an adorable midget actor. All that and so much more on this week’s Bastardcast. On Next Week’s Show: Random bullshit… and pie!