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This time on The BastardCast, Brian’s dead y’all, and we don’t know how to use spoiler alerts! Also, Jeremy and Jason welcome Matthew Jackson back to talk about whether the ghost of Patrick Swayze will team up with the ghost of Kelly Lynch’s career to guide the Roadhouse remake to box office figures that are so large that even Jeff Healey can see them.

Wanna hear about cologne magnate Stan Lee‘s possible super-producer team up with Avi Arad? That’s nice, Alan Moore makes us cry like the little boys that we are as he weighs in on superheroes, and Warner Bros. has reserved a bunch of potential Batman/Superman domain names so they can build a PHAT promotional site for the film, like this one.

Goodness, do you need more? Fine, we talk about what kind of movie we’want Quentin Tarantino to play footsie with next, absorb and decide what the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special (and the upcoming regeneration) means to Whovians, and on Trailergam, the guys talk about Tarzan and then reminisce about the good old days of porn thanks to the Rob Ford spoof porno.

All that, an unnatural visit to Taco Talk and well deserved MST3K and Riff Trax love fest on The BastardCast!


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