Versus Nicolas Cage, Canada and, the Truth About Taco Swords


This time on The Bastardcast, Jeremy and Jason thread each other’s eyebrows and discuss the Spider-Man evil cinematic universe of evil, the return of Community, and we gaze into our crystal skulls to look at the future of the Indiana Jones franchise.

Also on the show: Macauley (Nope, not googling it) Culkin hits us in the face with the flying paint can that is his pizza songs, Don Cheadle‘s Avengers 2 role is good for him, but huge for Terrence Howard/Rhodey humor practitioners like us.

Also, we’re giving you the latest in the war against the machines, discussing a merger between the US and Canada, the alleged ballad of the alleged sword taco bandit, and in Trailergasm, we talk about Godzilla (and the 1998 version) and well as Jupiter Ascending, aka C. Tates: Wolf Nymph Assasin .

All that and we find out WHO THE FATHER IS on The BastardCast


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