Versus Monkeys, Oh So Many Monkeys

Monkeys, Oh So Many Monkeys

This week on the Bastardcast: Jeremy and J-dizzle talk about feelings, becoming a woman, and also monkeys. Monkeys in space, the worst cartoon ape ever, a masturbating monkey and several non-monkey things.

What are those non-monkey thing? I hate you and your damned inquisitions but I shall tell you nonetheless.

On the show, the boys also dish on the empire… Striking back, German puppy hurling, bulldozer racing, induct the employee of the Millennium (or Willennium if you prefer) into the Hall Of Excellence™, a retiring pirate, deep V-neck heroes, a machine that sucks the fat out, and fake Chinese theme parks*!!

 *World Joyland pictures via Reddit user FrancescaO_O

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