Versus Matrix Revulsions and the Amazing Spider-Cat


This time on The BastardCast, Jeremy and Jason are wearing shame as we find them passed out on the red carpet. Yes, it’s the Official BastardCast Oscar Special Where We Talk About the Academy Awards for About Four Minutes!

Glamour, glitz, and a whole lot of filler await those of you with balls big enough to click play this week!

On the show:

  • Could the Avengers one day incorporate Garfield and friends into its lineup?
  • Neo might know kung fu, but he doesn’t know sh** about a graceful exit as the Wachkowski’s allegedly explore the deepest levels of selling out with another Matrix trilogy.
  • Details have dribbled out of the mouth of the doddering, propped up Terminator franchise and Jeremy and Jason have come along with a rag to wipe it away and wonder why no one has the decency to put this poor bastard out of its misery.
  • Hey! Jeff Goldblum’s talking about Independence Day 2 and Vincent D’Onofrio signs on to play the villain in Jurassic World, but it’s all just an excuse for Jason to create the most horrifying dino of them all: the Walkenasaurus!
  • Mega-producer Joel Silver is talking all about what Terry Gilliam’s version of The Watchmen would have looked like and we’re fan casting the part of Doctor Manhattan’s penis. Then Zack Snyder responds and the blockbuster director slap fight begins!
  • A Minecraft movie is happening and the Hudson household has some horrifying ideas.
  • Jeremy tells us why the Flash costume is the wrong color red while Jason rams his Brian Blessed impression into the proceedings
  • and lastly, we touch on the impact of the great Harold Ramis

All that, mud wrestling, basic english, learning to be the ball, toaster dancing, stream crossing, and more as Jeremy and Jason go through the same damn podcast episode over and over on The BastardCast!


See you on the other side Egon…

  • belairjeff

    loved the posts on Bill Murray. say, maybe you can help me out. I’ve been looking online for quite some time for the Tom Schiller short film of Murray as the bum (Honker) sitting outside a theater stage door who dreams he’s on stage reciting Shakespeare. many of Schiller’s other films are online – but I can’t find this one. any suggestions?

    • We’ve got fuzzy memories of the bit you’re thinking off, but sadly no idea where it would be…. If you DO find it it, let us know. We’d love to replace those fuzzy memories with less fuzzy memories.