Versus Justice League vs Avengers vs an Unemployed Monkey

This week on The Bastardcast, Jason and Jeremy giggle a lot and discuss the future of the Justice League Movie, the latest EXCITING comic book litigation news, Ghostbusters 3 (We ain’t afraid of no ghost, but we are terrified that Dan Aykroyd is going to actually get to make this), sending Animal Hospital to a farm where it can roam free, the genius of Simon & Simon, and the great celebrity sperm hoax of 2012.

Following HEADLINES, the boys let Anne Sisk class up the joint and her and Jason regale Jeremy with tales from the badlands of New York Comic Con. Toy hunting, star spotting, Stan Lee molesting — all the con-tales are here for your willing aural cavities.

After Anne smartly flees, Jason and Jeremy enter the VERSUS arena (Attention corporations, the arena naming rights are still available and we have NO standards… just saying). What happens in the VERSUS Arena? Real, raw, naked debate. Well, not naked, but not far off. This time, Jason takes the stance that He-Man is better than Lion-O and his Thundercats and MOTU figures look on in horror and glee while Jeremy tells the world why he thinks pussies with swords always trump men in loin-cloths with a Dorothy Hamill haircut.

By the way, gentlemen, the question that you will be asking all of your friends has arrived: Are you a Sword of Omens or are you a Power Sword? No fucking clue what we’re talking about? Just listen to the podcast and you’ll see… well, you’ll hear. Just listen to the show!

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