Versus DC, Star Wars, and the Godzilla Kaiju Diet Plan


What is The BastardCast? Well, I’m glad you asked. The BastardCast is dynamism, sensuality, deep tissue massage, chilli cheese fries, exploration, suspense, still photography, fine Italian motor cars, lust, tragedy, hygiene, wistfulness, grace, and grace, and also grace.

Born into a modest world that was unaware of its highest possibilities, The BastardCast has introduced us to a new mastery of being. Is there a heaven? Oh you are a card — we know not the answer to that question, but yes, there is The BastardCast.

What is the meaning of life? Of course you know that it is The BastardCast, for if life is to have any meaning at all, it is knowledge, laughter, eroticism, and pleasure!

I’m sorry that I yelled, but you see, my mother left me in a basket made of twigs and held together by her banded hair. A basket that floated down a river of froth and slime and serpents. This river wound through the darkest forests where only the ill formed beasts born on God’s most lax days lived and roamed. This went on until the 8th day, when a strapping lad with the heart of a lion scooped me up and took me into his golden nest, feeding me cheeses and grapes. I never wanted for anything in those years of youth, but when my savior grew frail — a victim to time’s immutable cruelty — I told him that I would spread word of the goodness that he had showed me and he told me, “No Giuseppe, tell them only of The BastardCast, for it is what showed me the way toward the light, and it can do the same for them. Also, sometimes they do the funny voices and tell the naughty kind of jokes.”

This week on The BastardCast:

  • Rumor has it that there is actually a bit of Star Wars NEWS for the fellows to discuss this week, though these things seem to be false a lot.
  • Jeremy and Jason have a mild slap fight while digesting The Justice League movie announcement and the speed with which DC builds its movie universe.
  • Godzilla purists say that the king size lizard is too Americanized, and by that they mean FAT.
  • ComiXology makes drastic changes to the way digital comics are purchased and the boys have opinions about it.
  • Sam Jackson vs. Naked People
  • The desserts secrets have been revealed and they are technologically lacking and want to phone home.
  • A new zombie game threatens to distract us all while the real zombie apocalypse takes its hold.
  • Exotic food with Jeremy, scorpions, and everyone’s favorite foodie in Taco Talk
  • And the guys discuss Free Comic Book Day plans and Jason Goes to a Retro Video Game Store to Feel Old on The BastardCast!

PLUS the #TimeChallenge is down to it’s final four. Vote in this weeks match up below!



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