Versus #CancelColbert and MossMan McButtstuffs


Congratulations, you’ve selected the the 95th episode of The BastardCast, a comedy and entertainment podcast for rich and beautiful people BY portly slacker types. On the show this week: I was a teenage teenager! The results from the first ever #TimeChallenge! Over using exclamation points! Oh and the latest in pop-culture news:

Like a rolling boulder on a falling rope bridge shouting at you that Jehovah begins with an I while speaking in a vaguely Cate Blanchett/German accent, we… lost our train of thought, but we’re talking about the possibility of rebooting Indiana Jones, so we’ve got that going for us.

  • Chris Evans‘ burden.
  • Robert Downey Jr. prepares us all for Joe Jonas as Tony Stark.
  • Dwayne “Do we still call him The Rock” Johnson‎ says that something with DC Comics is cooking and he would like to know if you can smell it.
  • Facebook buys new hardware that will let it sit on your face.
  • Stephen Colbert should be fired!” says crusading Twitter advocates, but we have an alternative.
  • New Jerseyans are screwed when the zombie apocalypse comes, but The New Jerseyan objects on a count of malls and Bon Jovi.
  • Screw it all, the earth only has 40 years left anyway.
  • Then, on Trailergasm, we analyze X-Men First Class: Days of Future Past and analyze Hercules and Turtle Lip Action Team. #Clever

All that, and week number two in the #TimeChallenge. It’s Sam Beckett vs Booster Gold, WHO YA GOT?

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The BastardCast: We’ve ran out of time!