Versus Booster Gold, Frankenstein and, Bill Murray


Recorded by three disgraced mall Santa’s over a steel drum filled with burning dreams from the year gone by, Jason, Matt, and Jeremy are here to invade your chimney and deliver The BastardCast Christmas Special! This time on the show, we’re talking about lazy holiday plans, the great Wonder Woman pants debate, and the best comics, TV shows, and movie films of the year.

Also the guys release 50 megatons of snark about Shia into the ether, offer high praise over the Paul Rudd/Ant-Man news that you had BETTER BE DELIGHTED BY, weigh whether Joaquin Phoenix could or would play Lex Luthor, and reveal a batch of deep dark secrets that separately entail elf death, mistletoe malfeasance, and carnal candy cane curiosity.

Ho, ho, holy crap is this the darkest Christmas-y timeline!


The BastardCast: Nobody wants an X-in-the-Box.