Versus Batman, George Lucas, and the Legion of Butter


This week on THE BASTARDCAST, Jason and Jeremy return after a brief hiatus to talk about why George Lucas hates you,Community pander-puppets, why nobody seems to care about Robin’s death… including Batman, and a pantsless drunk chick and her pow-pow-power wheel aided attempt to escape the long arm of the law.

Also on the show: Jason feels tough, Warner Bros. tries to buy back Christian Bale‘s Bat-love, Russell Crowe see’s a UFO, Jon Stewart opens the door for Craigers-Redux, and a space privateer wants to create the world’s worst sitcom… in space!

What, you want more? Fine! How about we bring you the first annual “Night of 1,000 Horrible Impressions” and the boys discussing a lego spill in West Virginia, the Late Night wars, headless giraffes, kosher porn, a way for Bill Murray to sell out for a good cause, The Walking Dead, Jeremy’s Poseidon-y Adventure, a lost tomb of wet comic books, the Tweet of the Week, one man’s ceaseless love of the white powder, the divine splendor of butter statues, and why everyone hates Megan Fox.

All that, the regrettable omission of the term “boob guns”, the “Ignition” of a debate about the National Anthem, and a desperate appeal for Dan Harmon‘s love and your hate.

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