Versus All the Superheroes, The Hunger Jared, and Holy Vicar of Booze


This time on The Bastardcast, Jeremy and Jason strap on their proton packs and go to work on one of the greatest invasions of nerd news that they have ever seen!

This week was supernatural, yo.

We’re talking about Marvel‘s Daredevil-y Iron Fisted Spider Cage of TV/Netflix goodness, a bit of Marvel putting their money where there mouth is with diversity, and then, of course, there is DC…

Oh DC… Gawky Nightwing and Fashion Model Wonder Woman? Really? Yes, we’ve got the latest DC film news, why Hourman may not be our Man, and we discover that Arrow star Stephen Amell is more than a nice set of abs and daydream eyes that imbue a lost soul with hope and peace… yeah, the archer can use Facebook… your move Geena Davis.

Do mere costumes superheroes leave you as hollow inside as a new Wii U purchaser? May we suggest that you also listen to the show to hear us talk about the death of the video store, the two heads of Ash (aka The Double Chin!), and Beetlejuice 2 news and Michael Keaton‘s latest cloning innovations (what can’t that guy do? Seriously, he saves the auto industry, starts a successful escort service, thwarts the Joker, all while still taking care of his kids and keeping Terri Garr satisfied in a way that Martin Mull never could.)

Also on the show, Booze church, 3D printed Morgan Spurlock happy meal toys, and the horror… the horror of the latest Ghostbusters 3 news.

Oh yeah, and the Star Wars release date… Goodness.

All that and the birth of the Simon and SiBlog on The Bastardcast.

worlds-endThe BastardCast: genuflecting on barstools, we’re praying that the taps will keep the holy water flowing…