The BatBastardCast: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Reviewed And The End Of Nolan’s Batman

We had planned to release a special edition of The Bastardcast called The Batcast on Sunday, something that would celebrate the release of The Dark Knight Rises and feature both our analysis and our full geek out over the film. After the tragedy in Aurora though, we just didn’t know what to say.

Recorded on Saturday night and held for a couple of days, this podcast represents our brief thoughts on Aurora and then the show and full haphazard breakdown of TDKR that we had planned. The show is a celebration of Batman still, a tribute for the group of people who unbelievably perished while on their own geek out quest, and our best try to say the right thing and also maybe offer a decent distraction for people.
We hope you enjoy it and we also encourage those who can to consider offering a donation to the following charity which is assisting those affected by this horrific tragedy. Thank you for listening.
Ways to Donate:

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