Doesn’t Say Anything Bad About North Korea, Honest


TONIGHT, Jeremy and Jason endeavor towards glory in the dystopian Colbert Reportless future while discussing the North Korean response to The Interview and Obama’s response to Sony’s response with a response that will in no way get our site hacked.

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Found The Droids You Were Looking For


Welcome back to the Award Seeking RadioBastard podcast, I’m drunk.

This time on the show, we’re talking about Star Wars and a bunch of stuff that isn’t Star Wars (but mainly Star Wars,) so buckle in for some talk about Star Wars ’cause we’ve got the teaser trailer, the careful and calm dissection of that trailer, adorabot naming rights, the finer points of DYI light sabery and, disbelief over the John Boyega hate.

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Celebrates Grand Moff Tarkin’s Giving


It’s a real holiday, look it up. So gather around the internets poorly guarded exhaust port because Jeremy and Jason are back with another podcast to help usher you into the holiday season. Yes, a solid 60 minutes of nerd news pop-culture type talkin’ things (spoiler, real honest to goodness Star Wars news this week!) So listen, won’t you?

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And The Revenge Of The Fart Lords Of The Sith


Welcome back to the podcast of fun, this time on the show your life model decoy hosts, Jeremy and Jason, have brewed a cup of nerdy pop-culture talky news things and awkward moments. Do you like Star Wars, beard chat, Doctor Who, and scandalous sexy sex sex on the television set? Wow! Then do we have a show for you, clown shoes!

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Regales You With Tales Of Star Wars, The King of Burgers, And Comic Books Too!


We’ve run out of original introductions, but this is the RadioBastard podcast and it is a show about friendship, tacos and Batman. There are also other things that we discuss with the brain fire of a thousand suns. This time, those things include: [read more>>]

The Official Title Of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Has Been Announced And It’s NOT This…


Thanks to the magic of the Star Wars twitter (which is, as you know, manned by over-caffeinated Ewoks 24/7), we now know that Star Wars: Episode VII will not carry the bodacious subtitle, “Lando & the Fett Rising”, but will instead be called: The Force Awakens.

We also know now for certain that principal photography has wrapped up, which means that the only thing thats left for JJ Abrams to do is alien cheesecake photography and lens flare add-ins.

Fans of Radio Bastard know that this is our second straight #TitleFail following DC’s shortsighted rejection of the title, Batman & Superman: Friendship is Magic.

Jason Tabriz, Radio Bastard’s Vice President of Bullshit Movie Titles and Obscure References, had this to say about today’s news:

“This feels like missed opportunity for the Star movie people, but we shall persevere. We still hope that a Lando/Boba Fett adventure will make it to big screens someday, but for now, we’re focusing on our effort to get the A-Team/Golden Girls reimagining into production with a new director now that Paul Feig is otherwise engaged.

We’ve also put in a bid in to do the title work on Star Wars: Episode VIII. So far, the boys downstairs have come up with “Star Wars and the Surprising Affinity for Jar Jar“. It’s a work-in-progress.

So from our viewpoint, the future’s so bright, we have to wear shades,”

Tabrus closed off his remarks by shouting, “Peace! Love! And Soul!” and then he did some kind of spin move before walking away without explanation.

Anyway, here’s the official Star Wars: The Force Awakens logo.

LenoSource: Ewok-run Twitter account

Takes A Ride Into The Danger Zone


Comic-Con has come (verified) and gone and now we’re left with stories about Nic Cage in space, Hellboy screwfests, redheaded sith lords, Ryan Reynolds and the best CGI costume that he has ever worn (we’re talking about the Deadpool footage, not Green Lantern. Promise), our #LounginWithLoggins initiative, a trip to the stars with Batmanaughey and more things, like: [read more>>]