The Doctor Is Back In The New Series 9 Doctor Who Trailer!

Hot and fresh from the Doctor Who panel at this years San Deigo Comic-Con, yes it is our first good look at what series 9 has in store for us. Obviously Peter Capaldi is back, along with a few returning foes like the Daleks (yay!) and Missy (ugh.)

We also get a stinger showing us that whoever Maisie Williams plays, (good money is on it not being Arya Stark but fingers crossed for a Game of Thrones crossover episode,) well it is clear that she and the Doctor have a history.

Of course we’ll be highlighting the high points from today’s Doctor Who panel in our forthcoming SDCC review show that will be recorded after SDCC wraps up this weekend since our TARDIS is currently in the shop.

Doctor Who is back on TV screens this September on the 19th.

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