And A Drunk Raccoon In A Denny’s At 3am Talking About Batman And Stuff


Abducted and probed thoroughly and lovingly by aliens or rednecks, Jeremy and Jason made their escape after a month in captivity, their only motivation to go home and podcast for you fine people. So… here’s the RadioBastard Podcast, live (taped) and in living color (it’s audio). [read more>>]

Forcefully Awakens To Find That Friendship Really Is Magic™


In a world where the machines have risen up, spellchecks are useless and autocorrect walks against wombat pinball. Internet word slinger Mason Fabulous and satin voiced flim-flam artist and brand expert Hermes “Bear” Brunson must band together to save the world the only way they now how. By watching trailers on YouTube and talking over them.

Other than watching videos on the radio (which is as exciting as it sounds) this week on the show: [read more>>]

What Is Jurassic World missing? If You Answered ‘Velociraptors On Dirt Bikes’, This Video Is For You

Not going to lie, I have been very underwhelmed by what we’ve seen from Jurassic World so far. Yes, I know diehard fans of the franchise have their hopes up high but I still feel the pangs of disappointment on the horizon.

The very notion that, after the three previous installments, a major corporation would attempt to  make the dream of a dinosaur theme park a reality (the insurance premiums alone would be astronomical not to mention the fact that ain’t no one gonna use the porta potties.) Couple that with this whole ‘making a larger, smarter and probably hungrier dinosaur’ plot piece and the whole things seems ridiculous, right?

Well apparently VFX artist magical movie digital wizard man, Darren Wallace, thought it wasn’t absurd enough and made the above video. What was once poised to be a underperforming popcorn summer blockbuster has become something awesome.

Come for the Jeff Goldblum/Gallimimus hybrids (Goldblimimus?) Stay for the velociraptors riding dirt bikes.

You are doing the lords work, Darren.

Thank you.

[

Kicks Off #FebruMurray with Trailergasam Bowl III and the Defunding of Kickstarter


Yes, that podcast is back and this time they are bringing hell with them, hell in the form of a pile of trailers in the annual Trailergasam Bowl™ and the return of everyone’s favorite month FebruMurray™. Twenty eight solid days celebrating the celestial thunder that is Bill Murray (trademark on ‘celestial thunder’ pending.) Plus nerd news, TacoTalk and more on this weeks show! [read more>>]

Found The Droids You Were Looking For


Welcome back to the Award Seeking RadioBastard podcast, I’m drunk.

This time on the show, we’re talking about Star Wars and a bunch of stuff that isn’t Star Wars (but mainly Star Wars,) so buckle in for some talk about Star Wars ’cause we’ve got the teaser trailer, the careful and calm dissection of that trailer, adorabot naming rights, the finer points of DYI light sabery and, disbelief over the John Boyega hate.

Oh, and the other stuff? How about: [

Versus Matrix Revulsions and the Amazing Spider-Cat


This time on The BastardCast, Jeremy and Jason are wearing shame as we find them passed out on the red carpet. Yes, it’s the Official BastardCast Oscar Special Where We Talk About the Academy Awards for About Four Minutes!

Glamour, glitz, and a whole lot of filler await those of you with balls big enough to click play this week!

On the show: [