Busts Star Wars Rumors, Bursts Out From Louis CK’s Chest and, Babbles About Tomato Tossin’ ‘Bots As #FebruMurray Continues


This time on RadioBastard: Thunder Dream, Jeremy and Jason experience Tuscan cuisine and go for a rain water ass-douches at a premium spa that they found on Groupon back when it was still a thing. They also pose for an erotic calendar that should be available in the show store just as soon as we build a show store — out of brick and mortar. #OldSchool

Do you want to know about the topics that will topple under the thrust of our mind force on this week’s episode? Groovy. [read more>>]

The Other Superman Movie We’re Glad Was Never Made

Yes, arguably far worse than the infamous Nicolas Cage, Tim Burton, Kevin Smith, et al Superman Lives movie from 1998 that mercifully never saw the light of day (but will be revealed in the now fully funded* documentary The Death of “Superman Lives”, What Happened? by Jon Schnepp,) the eye twitchingly ridiculous Superman: Flyby by J.J. Abrams.

Pissed of that Zack Snyder made Lex Luthor a young megalomaniac information age entrepreneur played by Jesse Eisenberg? Would have preferred Ralph Fiennes or Robert Downey Jr. as a space alien CIA agent Lex Luthor with a totally bitch’n spaceship?

Ya, didn’t think so.

The above video from the dynamic duo behind Comic Book Movie‘s podcast, The Weekly Planet, does a great job of showing just how mind boggling off page the mid-2000’s production would have been. Not saying that every comic book to screen adaptation must adhere to the source material, but as you can see more than a few liberties were taken. Krypton never exploded? Jor-El still alive? Shia LaBeouf with a steady job?

Come on, I can only suspend belief so far.

*small note on Jon Schnepp’s Superman Lives Doc, while the basic production is fully funded the goal now is to raise money to make animated (or even live action) recreations of scenes from the films multiples drafts. I implore you, no I urge you to go and donate money to this project. For the love of Superman fighting giant robot spiders and all the joy seeing that will bring, please give.


Versus The Console Wars and The Revenge Of The Harmon


 This week on The Bastardcast, Jeremy and Jason talk about E3 and Sony vs. Microsoft, Community‘s salvation, Joss Whedon‘s super secret (and possibly imaginary) plans to make a She-Hulk movie happen, and a way to make superheroes put on some damn underwear again.

Also on the show, J.J. Abrams may not be gentle, Man of Steel already gets a sequel, a New Zealander chooses jail once he runs out of Xbox games, George Clooney‘s sexy scrotum, and Justin Bieber heads for space on a mission to save a monkey.

More? Jason puts a knife in the term “Boom” and replaces it with something better, and the boys tell the forbidden story of their beard love.

All that and a vow that we will not charge you to play our old podcasts, on The Bastardcast!tumblr_inline_mo51ow509w1qz4rgp

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