Forcefully Awakens To Find That Friendship Really Is Magic™


In a world where the machines have risen up, spellchecks are useless and autocorrect walks against wombat pinball. Internet word slinger Mason Fabulous and satin voiced flim-flam artist and brand expert Hermes “Bear” Brunson must band together to save the world the only way they now how. By watching trailers on YouTube and talking over them.

Other than watching videos on the radio (which is as exciting as it sounds) this week on the show: [read more>>]

Kicks Off #FebruMurray with Trailergasam Bowl III and the Defunding of Kickstarter


Yes, that podcast is back and this time they are bringing hell with them, hell in the form of a pile of trailers in the annual Trailergasam Bowl™ and the return of everyone’s favorite month FebruMurray™. Twenty eight solid days celebrating the celestial thunder that is Bill Murray (trademark on ‘celestial thunder’ pending.) Plus nerd news, TacoTalk and more on this weeks show! [read more>>]

Double Downs’ on the Ghostbusters and the Fabulous Four


This time on that podcast… Hey, did you know they are rebooting Ghostbusters? Jeremy has a few plumbing related concerns about this. Meanwhile Paul Feig apparently found Jason’s weak spot – current Saturday Night Live comedy genius Kate McKinnon.

Hey, did you know they are rebooting the Fantastic Four? The guys watch the trailer and give a honest to goodness mature review. Not really, but truth be told, Jason seems truly afraid and curious to see if the film’s seemingly antiseptic view of the FF mythos will start a trend.

Hey, did you know there is also some other reboot and non-reboot news this week? [read more>>]

The Star-Lord vs Ronan Dance-Off You Didn’t Get To See

Yes, more Guardians Of The Galaxy. With arguably one of the best (or at the very least successful) comic-to-screen adaptions hitting DVD and Blu-ray soon (and available digitally now,) the folks over at Marvel Studios have been a generous enough to release some of the disc’s extra content out over the internet.

Assuming you’ve already watched the above clip, you’ve see a good ol’fashioned Marvel “What If” styled story revealing what would have happened had Ronan (Lee Pace) accepting Quill’s (Chris Pratt) dance-off in the films denouement … Oh, Crap, SPOILER ALERT. If you haven’t seen Guardians Of The Galaxy just yet, there is a dance off at the end and the good guys win.

Go Interplanetary Unusual Attacking Team!

Clearly the way the main man behind the film, Director James Gunn, cut the theatrical release was better. Simply put, for a galactic level supervillian and a destroyer of worlds, Ronan the Accuser is a terrible dancer. Seriously, this is not good:

worst cabbage patch ever

worst cabbage patch ever

[via BuzzFeed]