Dear @LyleMcDouchebag, RE: The Big Bang Theory

Die The Big Bang Theory DieI don’t know who you are, random twitter funny person, but I think we can be friends. We both share the same feelings on CBS’s smash hit uncle-tom-for-nerdculture* painfully unfunny sitcom brain pablum that is otherwise known as The Big Bang Theory: [read more>>]

Versus Bill Clinton and the Perfect Stranger Danger from Mars


Welcome to the festival of light that is The BastardCast, unfortunately the chicken wing coupons that we sent out are expired. Sorry, but hey the #TimeChallenge continues, we sorta have have Star Wars new. Plus the finer points of the great May 6th, 2016 Sophie’s Choice of movie blockbuster weekends that DC/Marvel have set up for us and the worst audition tape ever for a late night TV talk show (but it is for basic cable, so we still have a chance!)

On the show this week we talk about the funny and informative topics, like: [read more>>]