Just Talks About Marvel Movies And Tacos, Happy Now?


This time on your favorite podcast, Jeremy and Jason sell out and embrace societies appetite for celebrity gossip before grasping your ear hand and taking you through the wild week in Marvel Cinematic Universe news that saw the announcement of a Captain Marvel film, a Black Panther film, an Inhumans film, and all of the rest of Marvel’s impressive slate. Also, there are robot things and a monstrous #TacoTalk. More specificity! [read more>>]

Versus Sassy Dinos, Irish Winos and, The Whedon-ing Gyre


Next time on The BastardCast, Jason and Jeremy talk about feelings, but this time… break out the pitchforks because we’re talking about Joss Whedon‘s possibly fading magic touch. Also, we have feels about the Breaking Bad finale, the possibility of Daniel Day Lewis joining the Dark Side, and the popcorn and pleasure cottage industry that is rising in Italy.

You like us, you love us, you want some more of us? Open the door, get on the floor, and everybody do the dinosaur, because we’re talking about dino-erotica. Also, the ghost of Frank Sinatra impregnates a woman or something, Gene Hackman has super secret moon beer plans for world domination, we can now confirm that Avengers casting news that we’ve known about for a long time, and there is reboot news about, well, ReBoot, and also Scream and also Friday the 13th and also Dead Heat (WE CAN DREAM!).

All that and like 6 more Joe Piscopo references on… THE BASTARDCAST

Did-someone-say-sassy-big-pile-of-sassyThe BastardCast:  Garret Morris is ALIVE?!?!

Versus Time Traveling Zombie Dragons


This week on The Bastardcast, Jeremy and Jason welcome Nerdbastard and Blastr word pooper-outer Mathew Jackson to venture out into the super unknown and discuss the burden in Jon Hamm‘s hand (wordboy means his dick, “Hamm Dickgate Part 2”), the majesty of Zombie Time Traveling Dragon Weekend, aka Time Traveling Dragon Zombie Weekend, aka… you get the picture… Doctor Who and Game of Thrones are back! The Walking Dead is going away! We’re talking about it!!

Also on the show: [

Versus Giant Rocks, Huge Flops and, Canada


This time on The Bastardcast: Jeremy and Jason try to keep it together as they discuss meteoroids, asteroids, zombies, and other world enders like Warner Brothers’ development slate and the Dan Harmonless Community. Also, Jeremy and Jason nerd out on all the Toy Fair 2013 news and then fight about A Good Day to Die Hard. [read more>>]