Attention Archie Nation! This One’s For You!

ArchieThat title is meant to be ironic since we’re not an Archie podcast. Do Archie podcasts exist? You bet your fat freckles that they do, Jugghead, but that ain’t us. What we do have, though, is a Senior Archie Correspondent in the form of Chris Cummins, a first-rate Archie historian who has written the word shapes for Den of Geek US, Topless Robot, Geekadelphia, and the trivia insert in Delaware Valley Ground Round menus from 1996-1999 (Uncredited). He’s also a first-rate human man. And I love him.

Chriztopper has lent his expertise to a new collection of classic Archie stories from “The Vault”, writing introductions to the stories before sitting back and thinking, “Yes. I have done a man’s work on this day!”

Where is this vault and how can we assemble a multi-ethnic team of minor celebrities and Brad Pitt to break into it? Kristofor wouldn’t tell us. As I said, he’s a good man, Archipelago of Archie fans, you are defended!

“Archie’s Favorite Comics From The Vault” is available from fine online retailers for the low low price of $9.99. If you have a ten dollar bill, you gonna keep that penny and you goona get 400 pages of Archie with some Veronica and some Betty on the side.

Here’s a quote from Chrysanthemum Cumberbatch about the ecstasy of writing words about Archie, EVEN THOUGH HE DEAD!

“As someone who has been reading Archie since he could read, the ability to write introductions for stories crafted by masters like Dan DeCarlo, Harry Lucey, and Bob Bolling is an absolute dream come true. This is hands down the most creatively rewarding experience I’ve ever had in my professional life.”

Clearly, Cristobal Comeuppance doesn’t remember the glory of being on this here podcast. Punk.

UPDATE: Chris told me Jugghead has one “G”. Whatever.


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