Here at RadioBastard, we pride ourselves on providing an entertaining, economical and culturally enriching experience for you, our loyal listener. To accomplish this, our engineers work tirelessly to fill the program with celebrity impressions and other silly voices that would get a beginner stand-up comedian exiled from the chuckle hut circuit. We also offer the kind of cracker jack insight into the latest in entertainment “news”, human oddities and taco happenings that can only be achieved by two grown men who are woefully under-prepared, over-confident and absent all fucks. They have no f**ks to give, thus they do not give a f*ck and they are passing that f**klessness on TO YOU!

This week on the show:

  • DC announced a ton of new movies, but none of them center around the love affair between Jeremy and Booster Gold. We discuss… the actual movies like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and The Rise of the Super Friends and the official death of the dream of a truly united on-screen DCU.
  • Iron Man. Captain America. Abraham Lincoln. World’s collide as Marvel’s Civil War is upon us and we’re talking about the implications of super hero registration where there are only a half dozen heroes.
  • Take off your Deadpool costume and get a job, longhair, because apparently cosplay might be a sign that the economy is in trouble. Jeremy and Jason get into it.
  • Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! And Carol turns into a killing machine on the latest Walking Dead. We discuss the season premiere in great detail… in between weird tangents.
  • Besides those things, there are other things! Those things are: a report on New York Comic Con (the worlds most heavily populated pop culture convention) from one of the survivors, a story about a Google Glass addict and a shocking transaction that involves pussy.


All that and FRIENDSHIP on the latest episode of The Dazzle Boys Sarcasm Jamboree!