Reveals The Terrible Secret of 2025 and Celebrate The 111th Batman Mention


Welcome back to the self proclaimed nerdy podcast of record, RadioBastard. This time on the show, Jeremy and Jason warn you about multiple robot threats, reveal the forbidden love of Daryl Dixon and Herschel’s Head (I loved that show) on the Walking Dead, discuss how Aquaman will cut you for real and the french fried circle of life. Do you crave more? Jeffrey, you are a gluton! How about…

  • Mull on Mull Mind Melding Wonder Twins
  • Something something Batman
  • Vin Diesel, Jupiter-Girl and Marvel’s The Inhumans
  • the hitchBOT/Turkish Anti-BearBOT buddy/buddy cop movie
  • Things to put in your banana
  • Kidnapping Kitties
  • A possible leap forward for women in comic book movies
  • Combo sequels where men become Bad Boys… 3
  • Zach Snyder Presents: Crank Yankers
  • Jason’s stripper name, two headed dolphins, made-up words and more on RadioBastard!

PLUS, get out the party favours! Our “mention Batman every episode” streak just hit one hundred and eleven! Time to celebrate! Call your parents!


oh… wait…