Regales You With Tales Of Star Wars, The King of Burgers, And Comic Books Too!


We’ve run out of original introductions, but this is the RadioBastard podcast and it is a show about friendship, tacos and Batman. There are also other things that we discuss with the brain fire of a thousand suns. This time, those things include:

  • Jeremy violates several Canadian kindness statutes with an act of duplicity in the toy department
  • The new Star Wars title isn’t something dope like “Antilles Rising” or “Ewok And Roll”, but we’re at least indifferent about the one that they did choose.
  • Ernie Hudson is waxing nostalgic about the time that Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman almost gave him a bigger career than the one that they already gave him with Ghostbusters.
  • Jessica Chastain is killing it on screens everywhere in Interstellar right now, but should she play Captain Marvel next? Jason thinks so, but he’s worried that those hopes may be scuttled by ageism.
  • Marvel Comics and DC Entertainment are messing with the shape and contents of their separate comic book worlds once again. Is it something to be excited about or does it frustrate you? We discuss, you decide, and I type podcast promos like a local news lede.
  • Nothing to see here if you have a shy bladder or affection for Rob Lowe. Look away!
  • #TacoTalk and the story of the most impressive pasta eater in the world, luxury lasagna with The Boss, and a cost benefit analysis on a trip to Japan to indulge in all you can eat Whoppers.

All that and more on The Night Of 1,001 Tangents on RadioBastard!gif-my-computer-delete

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