Prepares You For The Coming Trump-pocalypse With Alternate Pulp Fiction Casting, More Batmans (Batmen?) and More


¬†It’s almost like we never abandoned you for two months.

Jeremy and Jason have returned, but where were they and who have they become?! Learn about their harrowing tale (busy working and playing Playstation) and also learn about their thoughts on:

Colbert’s late night takeover, Arnold’s takeover of The Apprentice, Batman V. Bourne, Godzilla V. King Kong, the almost Pulp Fiction cast, the unkillable Fantastic Four franchise, gritty Mary Poppins, sex bot ethics (RIP HitchBot), Donald Trump, and an all new, all nude edition of Taco Talk.


The RadioBastard Podcast: The Official Podcast Of Steve… er… Dave… Jeff? Whoever you are, we are your official podcast. Promise.

  • yay I’ve missed you guys, great to have you back! ūüėÄ

  • yay I’ve missed you guys, great to have you back! ūüėÄ

    • it’s great to be back, Jeff!

      • Christopher Brannon

        Then went did you guys leave again?

  • I went to see Fantastic 4, me and my mate were the only people in the room, we an entertaining time ripping the movie apart but by god is it a pile of crap.