Panders To Their Listeners In The United Kingdom


We came back! This time on… THIS PODCAST, Jeremy and Jason let a storm of wild and erotic comedy overtake them as they deliver all the hits with none of the filler. Honestly, I don’t know how you made it through without us but *finger to face* shh shh, it’s okay now. Let’s talk about Dan Aykroyd‘s idea to explore the mythology of the Ghostbusters one shard at a time. Let’s talk about stolen Batmobiles and Ben Affleck‘s feels. Lets talk about sex, baby. Fat guy sex, that is. Let’s put a black hamburger in our mouths and taste the squid juice goodness. Let us be adventurers together on the dope wave that is the internet, bro.

Other things that we will touch on during the show…

  • Deadpool‘s getting a movie and Jason is forced to talk about it in his worst Scottish accent because he is only majestic when truly free.
  • We suggest a new way for the people behind Expendables 3 to recoup their piracy losses.
  • People like nostalgia, right? Good, we’re gonna spend 6 minutes talking about sodas from the 1990s. Suck on that, Uncle Jesse.
  • The latest changes to the cast of Saturday Night Live and Jason’s annual appeal to people to give the show another chance.
  • Jeremy invents the DMX bike.
  • Seth Rogen gets a new job rolling things for a guy whose name makes him sound like a refugee from The Land of Gorch.
  • Nick Frost and his upcoming appearance in the Doctor Who Christmas Episode (okay, this happened after we recorded but mentioning it here means that we covered it. Deal with it)
  • Bastard Cat, the Scottish referendum (oh it’s for like 45 seconds… relax) and #TacoTalk on this episode of The Tomorrow Show.