Meets The Littlest Robo


And we’re back… from a slightly less lengthy break this time (we have to slowly ramp up your dosage or you’ll be overcome with sexual urges). Do you like robot love, comic book movies, Harrison Ford‘s body parts, Steven Seagal and Scooby Doo? Good for you, because we’re talking all about those things and more on RadioBastard!

Also, do you like details? You’re in luck! Here’s something close to that… sort of!

On the show this week, Jeremy and Jason discuss:

  • Our individual use by dates, robotic surrogate options and John Goodman‘s perfect body.
  • The DC film slate, the onslaught of almost two dozen comic book movies in the next 4 years, Man of Steel 2 title options (from the people that brought you Batman and Superman: Friendship is Magic and ran the thing into the ground, too) and Aquaman’s obvious narrative limitations.
  • The Hobbling of Harrison Ford by the Coward Millenium Falcon, Conspiracy theories about said hobbling and #LandoAndTheFett workshopping
  • Steven Seagal vs. President Camacho and Michael Caine vs. Seals in the undercard.
  • Why Scooby Doo should return as a police procedural with actors that are old and recognizable to Jeremy and Jason.
  • The birth of the $5 comic book and why we insist on hologram covers or scratch and sniff covers if that price point ever becomes the norm.
  • And finally, the trusting people of Canada have placed an adorable little robot on a hitchhiking adventure and Jeremy and Jason discuss all the horrible ways that this can go wrong. And I mean, ALL the horrible ways.

Stick with us and you’ll have nightmares for a week on RadioBastard!

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