Kicks Off #FebruMurray with Trailergasam Bowl III and the Defunding of Kickstarter


Yes, that podcast is back and this time they are bringing hell with them, hell in the form of a pile of trailers in the annual Trailergasam Bowl™ and the return of everyone’s favorite month FebruMurray™. Twenty eight solid days celebrating the celestial thunder that is Bill Murray (trademark on ‘celestial thunder’ pending.) Plus nerd news, TacoTalk and more on this weeks show!

  • The gift of Hudson Hawk and intermediate dungeons and dragons character creation.
  • wanna make Blazing Saddles offensive to all people? Add animated doggies and kitties.
  • Jeremy and Jason kick off the crowd fund counter movement with Dickstarter – a way to de-fund atrocious film projects (assuming they can afford the domain name… if only there was a way to crowd-source financing for that.)
  • The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is getting Kevin Spacey to play a man in a cats body.
  • Bad news for people who thought they could wear their gimp suits and bring their vibrators to see 50 Shades of Grey.
  • Chris Pratt trains raptors how to dance in the Jurassic World trailer.
  • Bukkake Mark and the Funky Bunch in the Ted 2 trailer.
  • Where is George Clooney taking us in the Tomorrowland trailer?
  • The trailer discussion that nobody wanted for the Heroes reboot nobody wanted
  • Dark and moody Daredevil
  • And a life lesson about plain burger ordering, the debut of the new gameshow Buy a Honda or a bottle of ‘Secret Sauce,’ artisan donuts, and kangaroo adventures in playland on #TacoTalk.

excited-bill-murrayAll that and a look at the start of Bill Murray‘s SNL dominance and Bill Murrayness as #FebruMurray kicks off on RadioBastard.