Journeys With A Turkey’s Dream In Space


You came back! This time on RadioBastard things get a bit weird, Jeremy and Jason face-off against AJ and Paul (aka Apple Jax and Saul) from the Gobbledygeek Podcast in a test of wits and endurance as they all banter about the prospect of joylessness in the DC Movie Universe, Jimmy Olsen’s legs, the latest Doctor Strange rumors, a Hunger Games theme park and more!

This time on the show:

  • a DC Comics Cinematic Universe devoid of jokes,  somewhere a bat-nipple enthusiast weeps.
  • Full House is making a return and all we want to know is: what happened to Comet and is Perfect Strangers next?
  • Will Marvel ever decide to give Clint Barton/Hawkeye a bit of busy work in the Marvel Movie Universe?
  • Our plea to keep magical secret of ‘Doritos Dust’ a secret.
  • The effort to make the internet idiot proof.
  • We bring peace to the Great Turkey War over turkeys.
  • Tales from Asguardian Amazon Help Centers
  • Canada is denying Z-List Celebrities access to their non-stop maple syrup supply.
  • Is Burger King buying up Canadian landmarks in response? Probably not! But we investigate anyway!
  • And the ultimate Taco prize (note: we’re working on a Highlander treatment based around this and we feel really good about that)