Is a Valid Replacement For Saturday Morning Cartoons


Smack dab between two very successful Con appearances as ‘guy who lingers at the long boxes too long‘, the boys are back with their contractually obligated attempt at a solid hour of pop-culture news and other strangeness. This week Jeremy and Jason tackle:

  • Everything you do at comic conventions is cool and we support you continuing to do it.
  • Robert Downey Jr.‘s battle versus facts and why, Spider-Man, why?
  • Turn down for Robin Hood.
  • Is Marvel meddling to make Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four reboot tank? Have they axed the next X-Men? Did J. Jonah Jameson write these headlines?
  •  Scott Snyder saves us from the fear of the five dollar comic book.
  • Those DC Comics licensed T-shirt, ya those ones.
  • Saturday morning cartoons are dead. LONG LIVE SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS!

And then in #TacoTalk this week, the beauty of a Batman Burger and the Justice League of fast food and then something else that I forgot already… Listen damn it and get me pictures of that damn wall crawler!