In Conversation with Comic Book Writer Brian Winkeler and SEGA Historian Darren Wall


This time on The BastardCast: In Conversation, we talk to indie comic book creator Brian Winkeler about his Monkeybrain book, Knuckleheads (available here,) transitioning from monsters to pancakes, the business of creating and selling an indie comic, and more.

Also on the show: who among us didn’t grow up worshiping a SEGA Genesis? For many of us, it was our first exposure to console gaming, and Darren Wall from Read-Only Memory is assembling a massive authorized book through Kickstarter on the creation of the Genesis with a look into the many games that made it a behemoth and the interesting design choices that almost came to fruition. Darren stops by to tell us all about it and reminisce about the early days of gaming.

All that and more on, The BastardCast: In Conversation.


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