Here’s Supercut Of He-Man’s Best One-Liners Because He-Man Is A Huge Jerk

You know the above video (made by DreamWorksTV because viral videos are now part of someones corporate synergy,) just makes me want to go back and binge watch the classic Filmation cartoon with adult eyes. Was He-Man such a jerk? Did my young ears miss out on the subtext that he was a total jock that mocked you and then gave you a good ol’fashioned beating?

Lobster lips‘… Classic He-Man. More like the Burn-Master of the Universe, am I right?

Actually, I take that back. For my money no one can belittle your self-esteem faster than Skeletor, Lord of the petty insult. Seriously, that guy could be a night manager at a Denny’s.

Posted on by November 17, 2014
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