Found The Droids You Were Looking For


Welcome back to the Award Seeking RadioBastard podcast, I’m drunk.

This time on the show, we’re talking about Star Wars and a bunch of stuff that isn’t Star Wars (but mainly Star Wars,) so buckle in for some talk about Star Wars ’cause we’ve got the teaser trailer, the careful and calm dissection of that trailer, adorabot naming rights, the finer points of DYI light sabery and, disbelief over the John Boyega hate.

Oh, and the other stuff? How about:

  • The Jurassic World trailer that also came out this week and it’s feeling a little jealous so we give it some attention. Some unwanted attention.
  • Also, though Jason is still in disbelief, apparently Will Smith is going to really be in The Suicide Squad, but the big deal is that Oprah is rumored to be in talks to play Amanda Waller.
  • Burt Reynolds is selling off a ton of his stuff and Jeremy and Jason are trying to pool their money to buy his Evening Shade era hair piece.
  • Future iPhones may be able to keep themselves from breaking when falling to the ground. Woopedeedo.
  • Do you have a strong opinion about Comic Sans? Please listen so we can yell at you.
  • Jeremy is dreaming about Kevin Smith, which is kind of uncomfortable. Like the back of a Volkswagen uncomfortable.
  • The Walking Dead mid-season finale was so allegedly heartbreaking that AMC tried to spare half the world the pain of seeing it live. Jeremy discusses his take on the spoiler heard round the world and him and that other jackass talk about the episode and whether they care about the latest character kill-off.

All that and…

Just kidding… we also have #TACOTALK, the real reason why you listen. On the REAL show this week, the Tacoteers discuss church McDonalds, online Girl Scout Cookies, a “salvaged food” restaurant, and one nations hidden holiday feast secret!

All that and more on RadioBastard, the kind of podcast you could see yourself settling down with.