FebruMurray Of The Day: Frequent Flyer

In addition to flying the FebruMurray flag during each episode of the podcast, we’re also going to attempt to highlight a Bill Murray SNL sketch here on the site for you to watch and enjoy. So do that…

So I hate this sketch about a frequent flyer who has a burning need to bother his fellow passengers with recommendations about whatever in-flight services were offered in the 90s when in-flight services were actually offered. I actually thought I liked it when I clicked on it, but nope. So now, at midnight, I find myself worrying that my love of late 1980s and early 90s SNL (which I grew up watching) is really just a nostalgia mirage.

Also, Melanie Hutsell is in this sketch, so good for her. Also, does anything date a comedy sketch more than a hijacking joke? Also, the screenshot that I attached to this article is the best thing ever.

If you want to keep up with our month-long celebration of some of Bill Murray’s most interesting Saturday Night Live moments, click here.

Posted on by February 3, 2015
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