Enjoy The Comic-Con Suicide Squad Trailer In Glorious (Non-leaky) HD!

The post San Diego Comic-Con experience for non-attendees usually amounts to wading through countless footage descriptions and enduring endless leaky buttcam (ew) videos that some little do it yourselfer that the rules don’t apply to decided to film with the tiniest, crappiest camera available. A tiny camera that they somehow attached to a caffeine addicted ferret for the purpose of making sure it is extra shaky and off centre… but I digress.

Well, the good new is that the exclusive first look at David Ayer‘s forthcoming Suicide Squad, that was leaked has now been officially released (even though both the director and the Studio said they had no plans to do so.)

So, now that you’ve seen it completely in focus and not a 45 degree angle… what do you Think?

via Nerdist

Posted on by July 13, 2015
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