Double Downs’ on the Ghostbusters and the Fabulous Four


This time on that podcast… Hey, did you know they are rebooting Ghostbusters? Jeremy has a few plumbing related concerns about this. Meanwhile Paul Feig apparently found Jason’s weak spot – current Saturday Night Live comedy genius Kate McKinnon.

Hey, did you know they are rebooting the Fantastic Four? The guys watch the trailer and give a honest to goodness mature review. Not really, but truth be told, Jason seems truly afraid and curious to see if the film’s seemingly antiseptic view of the FF mythos will start a trend.

Hey, did you know there is also some other reboot and non-reboot news this week?

And in #TacoTalk the holy grail may well be a frosted beer mug and you can have a free burrito… If you’re willing to make certain sacrifices. Oh and don’t forget to check out the guys over on someone else’s podcast ➯ John Leguizamo Must Pay!: Regarding Henry – Get Off My Podcast #16.

Start doing some deep knee bends and stretch out those hammies, #FebruMurray begins next week on the RadioBastard Podcast!