Dear @LyleMcDouchebag, RE: The Big Bang Theory

Die The Big Bang Theory DieI don’t know who you are, random twitter funny person, but I think we can be friends. We both share the same feelings on CBS’s smash hit uncle-tom-for-nerdculture* painfully unfunny sitcom brain pablum that is otherwise known as The Big Bang Theory:

Rather than actually be funny, it just tries to roughly look like it should be funny and hopes no one will notice.

It’s the lemon meringue pie made from drywall dust and Pledge of comedy.

Don’t get me wrong, you can watch and even enjoy the show if you are into that kind of thing. Heck, you can even eat pineapple and think that Chris Christie is viable presidential candidate.

I can’t stop you from being terrible person that makes bad choices.

blecch. Pineapple.



(*FYI: I hate myself for using that word in a sentence.)

Posted on by January 28, 2016
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