DC Reveals Wonder Woman and Teaser; We React to the Reactions

wonder woman cropped To quote Jeremy, “That sure is Wonder Woman”

DC kicked off the Warner Bros panel at San Diego Comic Con in style this morning, showing off the first look at Gal Gadot in her Wonder Woman costume (she has no white stripes on her boots! #FireZackSnyder) and a brief teaser trailer that featured Batman and, allegedly, Superman being a dick. 

In the trailer, as it has been described online (because I am on a couch in New Jersey and Jeremy is in a McDonalds in Manitoba — because he works there… sad), Batman is wearing a heavy suit of armor (why?) and he flashes the Bat-Signal in the air where it shines on an angry Superman, whose eyes turn red because herecomeda heat vision and then everyone on the internet remembers that they hate Man of Steel and that Zack Snyder is a troglodyte who doesn’t understand Superman’s gentle soul and something something something. This is the kind of coverage you get from someone on a couch in New Jersey.

My point is, though the social media reaction to the descriptions of the trailer have been split between “Oh my God, that sounds amazing!” to those that are somewhat negative and weighted toward the “Superman is anger, why angry Superman?” end of the spectrum, lets recall that Friendship is Magic was a joke, not an actual theory on how the movie would play out. These guys are likely going to form an uneasy alliance at some point in this film, but it isn’t going to be right away.

There’s going to be tension because, it seems, that Batman might be a bit put off by the presence of a flying guy who can leave a city in ruins after he’s done “saving” it and broody Supes is here to stay. That’s not something that thrills me (here’s the episode where we all broke down our responses to Man of Steel), but I do know that we’re never going to get to see the Chris Reeve, “Aw, shucks” version of the character again and I’ve accepted it and I’m willing to give Snyder more than 30 seconds to convince me that his version can evolve a little. Maybe you should too.


As for Wonder Woman, we’re going to cover all of this stuff on our Big Damn SDCC Recap show which should be up tomorrow or Monday, but to briefly break it down:

This really does look like a Zack Snyder version of the Wonder Woman costume and that’s not a bad thing. I think it’s a bit bad ass. I personally thought that we were going to get pants or even leggings (ala Siff in Thor) as a hedge against concerns that the costume might be too sexualized to some, but that clearly didn’t happen and while I don’t see the costume as something that should warrant controversy, I know that most things do and I’m not going to pretend that there isn’t a lot of skin there. With that said, no one should be surprised by that because there’s a lot of skin shown in all versions of Wonder Woman (more than this, usually) and this looks like it’s trying to hew close to the spirit of those past costumes while also making it seem a bit less fantastical (hence the lack of star spangled short shorts) and a bit unique. Overall, I’m happy with it.

Here’s a full look at the costume.

wonder woman


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