CW’s “The Flash” Carries On The Fine DC Tradition Of Property Damage In New SDCC Teaser

If you’re not one of the select few that are lucky enough to check out the pilot episode for CW’s The Flash at this years San Diego Comic-Con, the fine folks behind the Scarlet Speedsters return to the small screen were sweet enough to release a teaser trailer on the ‘net today. 

Yes, keen eyed viewers, the traffic patrol man was apparently doing a completely Flash centric crossword puzzle with answers like Grodd, Speed, Dad, Iris, Star Labs, Flash, Allen,  and Thunder. Going to hazard a guess that those are clues and/or fanbeing service for what we can expect from the TV show.

What is really nice is that that teaser settles a few concerns about how super speed special effects will look on the TV show. Even though the teaser isn’t in HD it looks like it won’t be as cheesy/crappy as it looked in the first teaser from a few months ago and a certain scene from the pilot episode featuring Barry testing out his new powers at an abandoned airstrip.

I’ll leave out the silliness of The Flash shattering the patrol car window by ‘breaking the speed of sound’ (fun fact, the sonic boom a jet makes when it breaks the sound barrier is loud because jet engines are loud, the Flash breaking the sound barrier would just be a delayed pitter-patter of his feet hitting the asphalt,) but did he really have to ruin a perfectly good billboard like that? those things cost money.

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 7th at 8 p.m. on The CW.



Via BuzzFeed (It was an exclusive to them, don’t judge me for going to that site.)


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