About That Whole Trevor Noah/’Daily Show’ Situation

trevor noahI didn’t really want to write a thinkpiece about the Noah situation, but I was emailing a friend and we got to talking about it, so I basically cut my response to her and added a little to make it fit for public consumption because because because… 

I’m a little mixed on the Trevor Noah thing, to be honest. He’s not who I would have chosen to take over The Daily Show. Jessica Williams is miles ahead of him as a comedy mind, but she didn’t want it. I feel like Jason Jones had an iconic run on that show and is being rewarded with a cold shoulder and a TBS sitcom. And Aasif Mandvi would have also been a much better choice thanks to his high caliber mind and his long career of excellence as a corespondent.

I don’t think that Noah’s work on the show has been anything above middling and I don’t think his stand-up is that great either.

I also don’t understand Stewart’s remarks in the press release when he said that Noah is where he was when he took the show. Stewart was a bestselling author, had an HBO special, multiple movie roles (all terrible), a two season run as the host of his own show on MTV, was the runner-up to Conan for Late Night and had a holding deal with Letterman to replace Tom Snyder at 12:30 for CBS. I know that Noah has had a longish career in South Africa, and that does count for something when the Daily Show is becoming increasingly global, but the show is — first and foremost — a US based show that needs to hook a US audience. And Trevor Noah hasn’t done anything on US television that will help in that effort. To US audiences, he is an unknown, and reversing that requires more than word-of-mouth. Plus, the show Noah is inheriting is well defined and a part of the fabric of our culture, whereas Kilborn’s version was softer and less relevant at the time. The comparison between their situations just doesn’t make sense.

As for the scandal, I really don’t think that the twitter jokes were all that offensive, but it takes a lot for me to be offended by something, especially when it’s a joke on twitter. Those tweets are, however, painfully unfunny, but anyone who has ever tried to be funny on twitter has had their share of misfires. The thing is, I haven’t seen a lot of the other kinds of tweets either — the funny ones. But maybe he’s just bad at twitter.

As for the blowback, that job isn’t like any other late night or comedy job. Jon Stewart isn’t a fake newsman and talk show host, he’s the people’s champion, and it’s hard for people to feel like you’re on their side when you’re making fun of them in a stereotypical and crude manner. So I get why it’s disappointing to a lot of people. But I’m also glad that Comedy Central put out a statement in support of Noah yesterday, because a lot of smart people believe in him and because I don’t want to see social outrage destroy his career over a fat joke, and I don’t want to see social justice warriors wielding that much power.

I hope that Noah gives us all something more impressive to judge him by in the near future, though. And I’m also thankful that Jon Stewart’s writers aren’t retiring as well.

‘Broad City’ Said Adieu To Season 2 Tonight And We’re Saying Adieu Back

Broad CitThe Broad City ended another satisfying season tonight. I love the Broad City, and when you want to tell something that you love it, you speak the language of love… french. And thanks to Google, I can competently speak french (and you can too!). So here is my goodbye to Broad City (for now, it is coming back for season 3), the greatest crude meandering comedy series in the history of light and sound.

Adieu Broad City,

je vais rater vos aventures comiques et vos sprints folles à travers une ville qui fascine et me confond. Aussi, Hannibal Buress, mais non Butters, cependant. Butters est merde. Un gros tas de merde.

Ne peut pas attendre pour la saison trois.

Votre spectateur dédié


The ‘Furious 7’ Japanese Title Is Like…

Fast 7A unicorn grazing on a virgin plain… like sex on a weeknight… like a video game vacation… like a taco buffet for you and you alone… like finding a $20 bill on the street without blood on it… like being best friends with Batman…

THAT is what the Japanese title for Furious 7 is like, because in Japan, Furious 7 is called: Wild Speed: Sky Mission

Here are various orgasm gifs.

Meg RyanArcherNew GirlStoyaChappelleLove each other.

What Is Jurassic World missing? If You Answered ‘Velociraptors On Dirt Bikes’, This Video Is For You

Not going to lie, I have been very underwhelmed by what we’ve seen from Jurassic World so far. Yes, I know diehard fans of the franchise have their hopes up high but I still feel the pangs of disappointment on the horizon.

The very notion that, after the three previous installments, a major corporation would attempt to  make the dream of a dinosaur theme park a reality (the insurance premiums alone would be astronomical not to mention the fact that ain’t no one gonna use the porta potties.) Couple that with this whole ‘making a larger, smarter and probably hungrier dinosaur’ plot piece and the whole things seems ridiculous, right?

Well apparently VFX artist magical movie digital wizard man, Darren Wallace, thought it wasn’t absurd enough and made the above video. What was once poised to be a underperforming popcorn summer blockbuster has become something awesome.

Come for the Jeff Goldblum/Gallimimus hybrids (Goldblimimus?) Stay for the velociraptors riding dirt bikes.

You are doing the lords work, Darren.

Thank you.

[

FebruMurray Of The Day: Bill Murray’s Apology

In addition to flying the FebruMurray flag during each episode of the podcast, we’re also going to attempt to highlight a Bill Murray SNL sketch here on the site for you to watch and enjoy. So do that…

Though Bill Murray was in the running to be on Saturday Night Live’s first season, he didn’t actually join the cast until the second season and he didn’t get off to a blazing start. I don’t want to oversell the importance of this sketch, but when Murray mad a direct appeal to the audience and admitted that he was struggling on the show, some thing was unlocked. Call it charm or whatever, but Murray made a connection with the audience and by the end of his run on SNL, he was considered one of its signature stars and, obviously, someone who would go on to an amazing career. Does that happen if Murray doesn’t dialogue with the SNL moment, pulling back the curtain just a teensy bit? Who knows.

If you want to hear Jeremy’s assessment of this sketch as well, make sure you check out the next episode of the podcast, which should be up within the next couple of days.

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Attention Archie Nation! This One’s For You!

ArchieThat title is meant to be ironic since we’re not an Archie podcast. Do Archie podcasts exist? You bet your fat freckles that they do, Jugghead, but that ain’t us. What we do have, though, is a Senior Archie Correspondent in the form of Chris Cummins, a first-rate Archie historian who has written the word shapes for Den of Geek US, Topless Robot, Geekadelphia, and the trivia insert in Delaware Valley Ground Round menus from 1996-1999 (Uncredited). He’s also a first-rate human man. And I love him.

Chriztopper has lent his expertise to a new collection of classic Archie stories from “The Vault”, writing introductions to the stories before sitting back and thinking, “Yes. I have done a man’s work on this day!”

Where is this vault and how can we assemble a multi-ethnic team of minor celebrities and Brad Pitt to break into it? Kristofor wouldn’t tell us. As I said, he’s a good man, Archipelago of Archie fans, you are defended!

“Archie’s Favorite Comics From The Vault” is available from fine online retailers for the low low price of $9.99. If you have a ten dollar bill, you gonna keep that penny and you goona get 400 pages of Archie with some Veronica and some Betty on the side.

Here’s a quote from Chrysanthemum Cumberbatch about the ecstasy of writing words about Archie, EVEN THOUGH HE DEAD!

“As someone who has been reading Archie since he could read, the ability to write introductions for stories crafted by masters like Dan DeCarlo, Harry Lucey, and Bob Bolling is an absolute dream come true. This is hands down the most creatively rewarding experience I’ve ever had in my professional life.”

Clearly, Cristobal Comeuppance doesn’t remember the glory of being on this here podcast. Punk.

UPDATE: Chris told me Jugghead has one “G”. Whatever.


FebruMurray Of The Day: Frequent Flyer

In addition to flying the FebruMurray flag during each episode of the podcast, we’re also going to attempt to highlight a Bill Murray SNL sketch here on the site for you to watch and enjoy. So do that…

So I hate this sketch about a frequent flyer who has a burning need to bother his fellow passengers with recommendations about whatever in-flight services were offered in the 90s when in-flight services were actually offered. I actually thought I liked it when I clicked on it, but nope. So now, at midnight, I find myself worrying that my love of late 1980s and early 90s SNL (which I grew up watching) is really just a nostalgia mirage.

Also, Melanie Hutsell is in this sketch, so good for her. Also, does anything date a comedy sketch more than a hijacking joke? Also, the screenshot that I attached to this article is the best thing ever.

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